DRB 200-2 Dry thermostat with 2 blocks, 15x16 mm, 15x16 mm

Αρ. προϊόντος: LTV082.99.44001

Thermostat DRB 200 – the simple solution for all digestions

Pre-programmed for standard digestions (e.g. for Ptot, TN or metals) and freely programmable for user specific digestions.
Equipped with a large readable display and a digital timer with an automatic switch-off and acoustic signal. Operational safety guaranted by protection lid covering the heating block, by the insulated external shell and by an integrated anti-overheating feature. Cuvettes and reaction vessels can be digested at large scale of different temperatures and time settings. Temperature stability and reproducibilty ensured.

  • Great flexibility
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Simple to use